Under Western Skies: conference videos now up

The complete videos of the keynotes and plenaries at the second Under Western Skies conference held at Mount Royal in October 2012 can now be accessed at the conference website–http://skies.mtroyal.ca.

Donald Worster, “Facing Limits: The Limits-to-Growth Controversy Since 1972″

Alanna Mitchell, “Finding Hope in the Carbon Crisis”

Canada Parks Panel, “Ecological Integrity in Canada’s National Parks”

Gary Paul Nabhan, “Prophetic Agrarian Visions of the West”

Louise B. Halfe, “Green Earth–The Wounded Healer”

Tom Radford, “Making a Film About Science and the Oilsands”

Scott Denning, “Responding to Climate Change in the Third Millennium”

Mishka Lysack and Preston Manning, “Is It Possible to be a Green Tory?”

Final Keynote Roundtable

Jessica Ernst and Peter Von Tiesenhausen Panel, “Secrets of a Frac Cover-Up” and “Alternative Strategies”


  1. Clark Daniels says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Another forwarding of an anthropo.scene email you might be interested in.


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