Anthropocene roundup: Latour, Grinspoon, and more…

A bit more grist for the Anthropocene mill…

Latour has a new article out on agency in the Anthropocene here. Working at a university I’m never quite sure what is behind a paywall, so if you want a copy feel free to email.

A number of other items/articles out lately too. This one is about how the determination of the Anthropocene is likely to be made – safest bet likely still nuclear radiation/fallout around 1950. A second is about taking “ownership” of the Anthropocene, primarily with respect to food. A third is on Anthropocene research questions for the Arctic. And finally, here is a post on the Anthropocene at the recent EGU.

Also, Dr. Grinspoon’s lecture on Terra Sapiens has a new subtitle regarding the human chapter in the history of the Earth.

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