James C. Scott: How Grains Domesticated Us

Harry Verhoeven: A short introduction to the water-energy-food-climate nexus

Videos from the World Economic Forum on the water-energy-food nexus

The videos from the conference in Bonn this May are here. And I’ve put the overview/intro below.


Anthropocene roundup: Latour, Grinspoon, and more…

A bit more grist for the Anthropocene mill…

Latour has a new article out on agency in the Anthropocene here. Working at a university I’m never quite sure what is behind a paywall, so if you want a copy feel free to email.

A number of other items/articles out lately too. This one is about how the determination of the Anthropocene is likely to be made – safest bet likely still nuclear radiation/fallout around 1950. A second is about taking “ownership” of the Anthropocene, primarily with respect to food. A third is on Anthropocene research questions for the Arctic. And finally, here is a post on the Anthropocene at the recent EGU.

Also, Dr. Grinspoon’s lecture on Terra Sapiens has a new subtitle regarding the human chapter in the history of the Earth.

Chemical confusion: Paul Hawken on Food, Environment and Health

Paul Hawken, author of Blessed Unrest and Natural Capitalism, gave the following talk recently at the 16th anniversary of the Center for Environment and Health.