The geoengineering debate: Keith vs. Hulme

Yesterday’s debate on geoengineering at Oxford between Dr. Keith (Harvard) and Dr. Hulme (King’s College London) was very interesting. Some of the questions at the end veer off topic (although sometimes in revealing ways).


  1. alanyshapiro says:

    Thanks for sharing! I saw him speak about a month ago at Columbia on the same topic. What are your thoughts on geoengineering?

    • Well, it depends on which technology. But, put broadly, I’m not for using any technology to prop up failing governance institutions. I have a chapter on it coming out in next year’s State of the World report.


  1. […] Keith and Mike Hulme debated on another at Oxford on climate geo-engineering – watch the video of this debate. WIREs Climate Change is an open-access cross-disciplinary journal on climate change, and WIREs […]

  2. […] linked to debates between Mike and David Keith before on geoengineering and am looking forward to reading the sustained argument he no doubt makes […]

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