Geoengineering + State of the World 2014

41QLWubvX+L._AA160_Mike Hulme’s new book against geoengineering is going to come out soon and it has already been reviewed in Nature.

I’ve linked to debates between Mike and David Keith before on geoengineering and am looking forward to reading the sustained argument he no doubt makes in this book.

This is especially the case since about a year ago I worked on my first take on the governance aspects of geoengineering with respect to how we imagine our place among other earth systems in the Anthropocene.

9781610915410That work is set to come out tomorrow as a chapter co-authored with Peter Brown in the annual State of the World report published by Island Press.

The geoengineering debate: Keith vs. Hulme

Yesterday’s debate on geoengineering at Oxford between Dr. Keith (Harvard) and Dr. Hulme (King’s College London) was very interesting. Some of the questions at the end veer off topic (although sometimes in revealing ways).