Genealogies of Environmentalism: The Lost Works of Clarence Glacken – forthcoming in June 2017

Progressive Geographies

4754Genealogies of Environmentalism: The Lost Works of Clarence Glacken– edited by S. Ravi Rajan with Adam Romero and Michael Watts – forthcoming with University of Virginia Press in June 2017.

I’m very pleased to see this – when I interviewed Michael Watts for the Society and Space open site in 2015 we discussed this project. Michael’s detailed response to my question is well-worth reading – along with much else he shares there.

Clarence Glacken wrote one of the most important books on environmental issues published in the twentieth century. His magnum opus, Traces on the Rhodian Shore, first published in 1976, details the ways in which perceptions of the natural environment have profoundly influenced human enterprise over the centuries while, conversely, permitting humans to radically alter the Earth. Although Glacken did not publish a comparable book before his death in 1989, he did write a follow-up collection of essays—lost…

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