Naomi Klein’s interview on CBC: This changes everything

Klein had an extended interview on CBC yesterday, which you read about here or listen to here. Klein’s work is always provocative, and Joseph Heath at the University of Toronto has already found something to grumble about – a comment Klein made (in an earlier interview) about many of her critics being men. I didn’t hear the original interview, but I’ve read Heath’s work for some time and was surprised by his reaction since there are sound feminist positions to hold regarding the interconnections of economics and the oppression of women and the environment, which could both figure in Klein’s argument. And, even if they don’t occur together in Klein’s work, could (and have) been made by others, like Caroline Carolyn Merchant. The oddest part of Heath’s reaction was the title of his piece “How to close down a discussion (before it starts)” since his interpretation of Klein’s remark appears (on its face at least) to do precisely that.

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