Because who doesn’t want more theory on the “ontological turn”?

This is from the latest issue of HAU and has the text from quite a few topics covered at the Anthropology meetings last December from Latour, Descola, Sahlins, Fischer and others.


Colloquia: The ontological French turn, edited by John Kelly

Introduction: The ontological turn in French philosophical anthropology PDF
John D. Kelly 259-269
Modes of being and forms of predication PDF
Philippe Descola 271-280
On the ontological scheme of Beyond nature and culture PDF
Marshall Sahlins 281-290
Diagrams PDF
Mauro W. Barbosa de Almeida 291-294
The grid and the tree: Reply to Marshall Sahlins’ comment PDF
Philippe Descola 295-300
Another way to compose the common world PDF
Bruno Latour 301-307
From Latour to late industrialism PDF
Kim Fortun 309-329
The lightness of existence and the origami of “French” anthropology: Latour, Descola, Viveiros de Castro, Meillassoux, and their so-called ontological turn PDF
Michael M. J. Fischer 331-355
The ontological turn: Where are we? PDF
John D. Kelly


  1. […] previously the ‘ontological turn’ in anthropology and the growing literature around it, like this special issue from HAU. Last week, a PhD student from Aberdeen, Zoe Todd, wrote a post on her take on the […]

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