Some old tropes will not die: van Dijk on water and economics

Last weekend many people celebrated World Water Day, which has fallen on March 22 since it was instituted in 1993. At UNESCO-IHE an address was given to graduating students by Meine Pieter van Dijk as a retirement speech. It starts out with an odd claim about how water is not a public good, and then proceeds to tell a story about water and economics that is relatively free of any of the many counterpoints that make this issue a thorny one. I post it here below because, at the very least, it should make for an interesting teaching tool.

Note, the video is for the whole ceremony but Dr. van Dijk doesn’t start until after his introduction about an hour and 14 minutes in. UPDATE: I think the video below should now start right at the lecture – thanks to UNESCO-IHE for sending me this new link:

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