Dipesh Chakrabarty on Beyond Capital: The climate crisis as a challenge to social thought

I was at this talk last week and it is quite interesting. Chakrabarty sets out three propositions to help us start thinking about the climate crisis without the typical sets of assumptions about the workings of capitalism or imaginations of what is “planetary”. Click here to go to the page where you can view the video.


  1. in the past D.C. has called for the development of new methods/rhetorics to address the anthropocene but not really spelled out what that/they might be does he get into that here at all?

    • This talk makes some of what DC’s preliminary moves on this front will likely look like. He refers to them as “three rifts” – unfortunately some of his comments on fleshing them out he cut from the talk in the interests of time, but you can get a sense of the direction he is headed.

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