Wendell Berry: knowledge, ignorance and sustaining

Wendell Berry, always an interesting and resolute thinker, poet, farmer. Here is his recent talk at Yale.


  1. will watch this soon, has he ever really been up front about the terribly risky business that farming is for most true (not ‘family’ owned factories) family farmers?

    • Good question. My suspicion is that a concern for those risks drives a fair bit of his concern for the undoing of the social support systems that would support them – particularly their own communities.

      • the social support systems went with the population no? short of China/Soviet style mass resettlements I don’t see how this all might play out…

      • Yes, that is when the social support systems went. In this video he calls for a (non-quaint) back to the land movement. But I don’t know how that would play out either; although I have heard that after 2008 in Greece there was a big movement back to the country and rapid proliferation of non-state, local currencies..

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