Tim DeChristopher On Civil Disobedience

An interesting conversation with Tim DeChristopher on civil disobedience, respect, authority and his spiritual path as an environmentalist.

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“Tim DeChristopher is a climate justice activist and co-founder of the nonprofit Peaceful Uprising. In 2008, Tim committed an act of nonviolent civil disobedience when he disrupted a government oil and gas lease auction in an attempt to protect fragile lands in southern Utah from long-term damage. After being imprisoned for 21 months, he was released in April 2013 and is now on a three-year probation. The recently released documentary film, Bidder 70, tells DeChristopher’s courageous story.”

Been reading dear old Thoreau again and he,  like me, wasn’t a pacifist or a religionist, but I think that he would have shared my admiration for folks like these, and my particular hero these days US congressman and pacifist-preacher/saint John Lewis, whatever their inspirations we desperately need allies like this if we are going to resist crony-capitalists and other gangsters so let’s give them a hand where we can, ok?

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