Decentering the human in human geography

I have not had a chance to watch this whole lecture yet, but it looks intriguing. I’m spending the week in San Diego at the Society for Social Studies of Science conference – so look forward to meeting up with anybody else who may happen to be here.


  1. Hello from Installing Order. Jan-Hendrik and I recently contributed to an edited book about decentering the human in international relations. Our chapter is about how far can you decenter humans and still have a coherent theory of international relations, in this case, a theory of states. The editors are hosting a conference somewhat similar to this one next summer in the DEU. 2014 WISC conference ( Perhaps there is some interest or some cross-over.


  1. […] our fellow bloggers at THE ANTHROPO.SCENE have recently posted (thanks, dmfant) a video “Decentering the human in human geography“, which is a lecture about ontological, epistemological, and even moral issues related to […]

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