Understanding the nexus matters

The idea of a water-energy-climate-food “nexus” is not only a buzz word, it is also a new discourse for policy and management. And there are a few items I’ve seen lately on it. One was this piece in the Guardian, suggesting we should punt the term.

I don’t see that happening any time soon. For several reasons. One is that journals, like Water Alternatives, have issued calls for special issues on the nexus. See here for details.

There is also an upcoming conference at UNC next MaAwp-circley on the topic, which there is still time to submit abstracts for.

Finally, there is this new site, Agripedia, that uses the nexus concept as a platform for organizing information on development.

Not that journals, conferences or websites make the world go round, but just to say that understanding the genesis and evolution of the nexus idea should be part of any critical repertoire in water management/policy studies. And that it will be interesting to see what kind of burden this concept comes to carry as it develops – particularly because it is often connected to the notion of water security.

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