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This Day in Water History

By Michael J. McGuire

One year ago today (September 1, 2012) I committed to posting daily articles on this blog. It turned into quite an effort–much more so that I ever thought. However, I have enjoyed the process. Along the way, I learned (along with you, dear readers) a lot about water history. Below, I have summarized some of the most informative posts from the past year. I hope that you enjoy them.

John_SnowSeptember 7, 1854:  The St. James Board of Governors and Directors of the Poor was convinced by Dr. John Snow that the Broad Street pump was the source of a cholera epidemic in a London neighborhood.  The Board ordered the removal of the pump handle preventing a continuation of the epidemic.  Incredibly, public protests resulted in the replacement of the pump handle on September 26, 1855.

0926 Chloride of lime treatment buildingSeptember 26, 1908:  First day of operation of the chlorination facility…

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