Geopolitical Material

This is an interesting post, and it is very nice to see the link of feminism and geopower in Grosz’s work come increasingly to the fore in political geography.


Throughout my time as a PhD student at Royal Holloway (coming up to three years in September) I have been looking for a way to better understand the role of the material in geopolitics. It is in the work of the feminist philosopher Elizabeth Grosz that I have come across one of the richest resources for doing so.

Specifically, I am interested in Grosz’s ideas about ‘geopower’. Grosz’s use, like Gearoid Ó Tuathail’s (a seminal figure in critical geopolitics), of the term geopower belies a concern for ‘geo-politics’. For Ó Tuathail, geopower is about how human actors use the relationship between power and geographical knowledge to produce and manage physical space (for example, through institutionalised or taken-for-granted ways of seeing, displaying and marking the earth).

Grosz’s use of geopower is markedly different. For Grosz, geopower refers to earthly forces that are entangled and interfere with all forms of life, whether…

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