Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene now accepting submissions

New, nonprofit, open-access scientific journal Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene is now accepting submissions online
Press Release: May 15th, 2013.
Elementa is an open-access, nonprofit journal, founded by BioOne and five collaborating academic institutions: Dartmouth, the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Michigan, and the University of Washington.
Elementa will publish original research reporting on new knowledge of the Earth’s physical, chemical, and biological systems; interactions between human and natural systems; and steps that can be taken to mitigate and adapt to global change. Embracing the concept that basic knowledge can foster sustainable solutions for society, Elementa is organized initially into six knowledge domains, each led by a prominent Editor-in-Chief.
Elementa is published on an open-access, public-good basis. Open access allows research to be freely available to all—including those from developing countries whose academic institutions may not be able to afford costly publications—in the interests of accelerating scientific progress, and ultimately resulting in public good. Open access not only ensures the widest dissemination of research possible, but also the greatest impact, by allowing others to cite, re-purpose, and build upon existing published research.
Elementa is now accepting submissions through its online peer-review system (www.editorialmanager.com/elementa). Benefits of publishing with Elementa include rapid, rigorous peer-review; a detailed manuscript tracking system for authors; and publications of articles through a variety of human- and machine-intelligible formats: XML, HTML, JSON, PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket, Elementa‘s first articles will be published on September 3rd.
Submissions may be bade under these domains:
Atmospheric Science
Detlev Helmig, University of Colorado Boulder
Earth and Environmental Science
Joel D. Blum, University of Michigan
Donald R. Zak, University of Michigan
Ocean Science
Jody W. Deming, University of Washington
Sustainable Engineering
Michael E. Chang, Georgia Institute of Technology

Visit the site and follow us on Twitter for more details: www.elementascience.org, @elementascience.

If you would like to receive more information about Elementa, or to schedule an interview, please contact Clare Dean at cdean@elementascience.org.

21 Dupont Circle, Suite 800, Washington D.C., 20036

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