#Accelerate: manifesto for an accelerationist politics

It is often said that we live in the age of acceleration because not only are humans gaining speed with respect to our transformation of the earth, but we are also speeding up the rate of change.

Over at the Accelerationism blog, a new manifesto was released for what this new age might imply for how we think about, organize and do politics. Here is a pdf download. There is a lot of framing around “cataclysm” and apocalyptic thinking and a much too easy framing of “conservative” “neoliberal” and “right-wing” reasons for our predicament. At any rate, an interesting read – if a bit earnest (and I don’t mean to downplay the seriousness of the topic – only of the framing).


  1. […] lot of recent work on the Anthropocene, from Chakrabarty to Latour’s Gifford Lectures to the Accelerationism Manifesto. As such, it presumes a lot of knowledge in its references to recent academic […]

  2. […] what is #accelerate?’ I hear you cry! (the public, not you James, you can probably skip this paragraph!). To put it […]

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