Welcome to the Anthropocene

Welcome to the Anthropocene website up and going, here is the opening video:


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  2. I wrote about the video above and some cultural aspects of The Anthropocene: 10 000 years of ecocide here http://ecoartfilm.com/2012/05/12/the-anthropocene-10-000-years-of-ecocide/

    • Cathy, yours is a very interesting post, thanks for linking to it! I think your idea of ‘ecocide’ is an interesting one. I think it is also interesting that, at precisely the time we have (it is claimed) entered the Anthropocene, it is also the case that Earth System Science will not have the answers (because the target of the answers–earth systems themselves–are acknowledged as constantly changing…hence the new discourses on “rates of change” and “acceleration”). It is an interesting temporal dimension to the whole idea of “when” the sort of ecocide you are talking about could be decided to have happened, or when it is going to happen.

    • inthesaltmine says:

      Thank you Cathy, that was a very good post.

  3. stuartelden says:

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    Some stunning images in the video for a new site on the anthropocene – I can see this as a useful classroom tool to spark discussion.

  4. What a gorgeous video, especially the final images of flight routes and electric grids forming a anthropogenic web constricting the globe. I wish that the narration didn’t so tightly adhere to the technological-determinist script that says we must change our technologies because we can’t change inexorable population growth. Through the 70’s, human environmental impact was measured by multiplying population by the pollution generated by the average individual, and population stabilization and reduction through family planning and immigration restriction were visible goals of environmental activism.

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