Threads: Idle No More, resource rights, colonialism and its discontents

I have not posted much on the large and on-going First Nations movement known as Idle No More. That is not because I am not interested in it but because, although I am generally supportive, it presents some significant and interesting tensions.

Of course, Idle No More is now widely known around the world – even The Economist is weighing in on the Canadian government’s policies and attitude towards First Nations.

I have been thinking of the relationships between First Nations rights, specifically those to resources, and broader issues regarding the possibility of privatizing First Nations territory for the last year or so. I recently came across a new article from the Indigenous Law Journal on this topic (PDF HERE).

Since I’m still thinking on the issue, and the broader discourses it mobilizes, I won’t say a whole bunch more. But I will leave the picture below, which puts a twist on the nexus of de-colonialization in Canada, respect for treaty rights, and equality. On the last score, it should be noted that last October’s Amnesty International report gave an abysmal grade to Canada and its treatment of First Nations (Human Rights in Canada 2012 PDF).

Anyways, here is the image, which appeared as an advert in Briar Patch Magazine:


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