Water ethics newsletter + land and water grabs

The January Water Ethics Newsletter is out! Thanks to Dave and others for getting so many resources gathered together once more.

One of the interesting links in the newsletter was to two podcasts that explore how land grabs (the process whereby firms or countries buy up foreign property) are also water grabs.

(1) Understanding the how, where and why of global land, water and green grabs: As policy makers gather in Doha over the next week for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 18), discussions will inevitably turn to the creation of a green economy that responds to the world’s ongoing climate and resource scarcity challenges. It is exactly within this context of scarcity and  security that fellows from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) argued that land, water and green grabs need to be understood. Listen to the podcast here.

(2) The second is an interview with Lyla Mehta, author of The Politics and Poetics of Water and guest editor for the (open access) special issue on water grabbing for the journal Water Alternatives (see the special issue here). An interview with Lyla on water grabbing, water politics and the ‘water-energy nexus’. Listen here.

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