Slavoj Zizek on CBC radio: listen here

Anna Maria Tremonti is one of my favorite hosts at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In this interview with Slavoj Zizek she discusses a whole range of issues (as is typical when a microphone is in front of Zizek): liberalism, capitalism, democracy, television, smoking, love and systems of thought and force.

Here is the description from CBC radio:

“Slavoj Zizek’s new book, The Year of Dreaming Dangerously dissects the events of 2011, from the Occupy protests to the Arab Spring, and uses HBO’s fan-favourite The Wire to explain how movements of change are stifled by larger forces. As part of our project Line in the Sand, Slavoj Zizek calls on us to rethink our values and says the time has come for an ethical revolution.”

The conversation is about 30 minutes long: LISTEN HERE.

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