Keepers VI and follow-up talks

Keepers of the Water VI begins tomorrow night. I travel the 5800km trek (Canada is BIG) starting early tomorrow morning and arriving mid afternoon, thanks to a convenient time difference.

After the conference, which runs through Sunday, I’ll be giving smaller talks in Slave Lake, Athabasca, Lac La Biche and then in Edmonton before returning.

The talk and workshop in Ft. Nelson will both be on water, ethics and leadership; focusing on the concept of community and how to recover/extend it for the purposes of justice. The follow up talks will focus on federal changes to inland water policy that were bustled through our democratic system earlier this spring in an omnibus budget bill. These have changed the Fishing and Navigation Act considerably. A second aspect of these talks will focus on some of the signaled changes to First Nations property rights the federal government has been gesturing towards since December 2011. These could also have significant impacts on First Nations water rights that remain unclearly articulated and which have often been ignored and worse.

I’m looking forward to the entire trip, and will try to post as much as I can…

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