Protect the Mackenzie River: Int’l experts meet in Vancouver

The Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy, based in California, has partnered with Canada’s Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation, in a policy workshop presently going on in Vancouver (Simon Fraser University) regarding the Mackenzie River Basin in northern Canada.

Several news reports have backgrounders and interviews: Ottawa Citizen, The Globe and Mail, Triple Pundit, The Tyee (a favorite site of mine and the place where I grabbed the cool pic) and the Vancouver Sun.

The Mackenzie is a critical site for energy development, now being called the “Amazon of the North” both for its size and the way its cool waters moderate Arctic temperatures, so I’ll be watching the outcomes of this closely and will post an analysis of the final report when it appears. It will also be interesting to be in Northern Canada so soon after, since the Keepers of the Water is just a few weeks away.

The conference runs until tomorrow, Septmeber 7, so there should be additional media content appearing in major dailies and environmental outlets.


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