Levi Bryant has posted the text of his upcoming lecture at the University of Dundee online here. It is very interesting, and is worth a read for multiple reasons – in particular because of the place it gives to things in relation to space-time. Ultimately Bryant uses a discussion of gravity in Newton and Einstein as an analogy, and since I push harder on this front in the paper I’m working on, I had a selfish motivation for wanting more of that discussion. But that is often the way – reading others through our own lens. In any case, this is an essay well worth reading and a lecture I wish I could attend in person.

Larval Subjects .

For anyone who’s interested, here is the text of my talk for my appearance at University of Dundee on September 12th.  I am not sure whether the event is open to the public, or when and where it is, but will announce these details when they become available.  In this talk, I simply try to draw attention to what onto-cartography is trying to thematize.  There’s still so much to be done at the theoretical level and that work will only become available with the publication of Onto-Cartographies, so don’t beat me up too much!  I’m still working through these things.  At any rate, here’s the talk!  bryantontocartographies

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