Redirecting freshwater raises fears for farmers

The New York Times has an interesting piece on the proposed water pipelines from Sacramento to south-central California.

“COURTLAND, Calif. — On the last Sunday of July, this small town in the Sacramento River’s delta takes a pause from the peak of the pear harvest season by holding its annual pear fair. A pear run, a pear parade, a pear pie eating contest and a pear fair queen are as much a part of life’s rhythm here as the pruning, picking and packing of pears.

But not far from the booths offering baskets of the fruit, and pear drinks and pear sausage, there were hints this summer that something was ruffling Courtland. At the same booth where a handwritten sign advertised “Pear oatmeal cookies, 2 for $3,” there were pointed political messages like this one: “Build the tunnel. Kill the delta.”
Read more here.

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