Writing – words a day, and daily routines

Stuart Elden, at Progressive Geographies, has some thoughts and writing tips:

“Posts on writing seem to get quite a bit of interest here, so I’ll use classicist Mary Beard’s question to say a little more about this again.

In her TLS column, Beard asks ‘How many words can you write in a day?’ She quotes a friend who claims 500 words is as good as you can get – 500 words of “proper original academic writing” that is. Beard is trying for 1,000, which is partly a result of a deadline for the next project. I’ve discussed this question before (then in relation to Foucault), and also picked the 500 words as a notional figure. Part of the reason for that was that with a relatively small numbers of writing days a week it quickly added up to a substantial amount…” READ MORE OF STUART’S POST AT THIS LINK: Writing – words a day, and daily routines.

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