Site C Dam in British Columbia approved: the era of mega-dams is alive and well

I’ve mentioned previously the Site C Dam project in north eastern British Columbia (here and here). Now that project has been approved by the provincial government. It will be one of the most expensive dams ever built, with a current price tag now approaching $9 billion.

More to come no doubt, including likely court challenges from Treaty 8 First Nations that would be affected by Site C. I was up in the area this past September, and local opposition from a large cross section was evident in signs all along the main highway through the valley.

Rivers of ideas: Keynes’ Dams, Hayek’s Meanders and Aristotle’s Regimes

There is an interesting series being put together on British Columbia’s Site C Dam, which I have mentioned here before. The series can be found in reverse chronological order here. One of the interesting things I noted from one source used is that the top 3 mega-projects in Canada are all related to hydropower – so the era of big dams in that country (like many others) is far from over.

Thinking of these interconnections between water and economics reminded me of this video of a lecture by Martin Doyle that I was recently sent. Quite interesting…