Dipesh Chakrabarty – The human and the geological: On Anthropocene time

Dipesh Chakrabarty: The Decline and Prospect of Universal History

Dipesh Chakrabarty: Modernity and the non-human in South Asia

Dipesh Chakrabarty: Climate Change and Scales of Environment

The Human Condition in the Anthropocene: Dipesh Chakrabarty’s Tanner Lectures

Two lectures, plus a round table:

Dipesh Chakrabarty, From globalization to global warming: a historiographical transition

I’ve been in transition for the last few weeks, plus conferences in La Crosse and Chicago, but hopefully things will settle down soon and I’ll have a chance to post a more detailed update…

Dipesh Chakrabarty: the human condition in the Anthropocene

A timely talk given the recent papers on the Anthropocene, particularly one by Simon Lewis and Mark Maslin, that was covered by many outlets, including this Newsweek piece titled: Did the Anthropocene begin with the deaths of 50 million Native Americans?

Dipesh Chakrabarty: The civilizational roots of Indian democracy

It was recently reported that India will build its largest dam ever; a project for the most part bereft of environmental or social assessments. In that light, this lecture by Dipesh Chakrabarty seemed appropriate.