Do chemicals leaching into your water have genetic effects on reproduction? Also, fracking.

How much effect do plastics have on environmental health and even our genetics? This is a very good and incredibly sobering explanation of the debates about chemical leaching into water through everyday items from Patricia Hunt.

After that, there is a talk from Sandra Steingraber on fracking – she is a leading critic of the practice.

If you have time, a very interesting contrast between the two talks is the ways that these respective scientists position their research and its fit with public policy debates. And, moreover, how they themselves see their contribution and the role of the scientist.

The gender bending chemicals in water

This is a very interesting lecture. I was at this event last fall and thought I would return to it this summer through these videos. This one includes a talk by Charles Tyler about the effects of chemicals on hormones. Here is a really interesting fact in the talk – on a hot summer’s day more than 75% of the water flow on some English rivers is wastewater.

Tyler’s talk begins at about 58 minutes with an introduction to him. The earlier lecture in the video by Martin Melosi may also be of interest to some. It is a combination of water policy and history with a bit of economics sprinkled in.