My research focuses on environmental policy, ethics, and cultures of governance on a human dominated planet. I examine how spatial and temporal claims about Earth systems (and the objects within them) are worked through cultural and philosophical notions of the ‘world’ into claims about how we govern ourselves. I work across geography, anthropology and environmental studies.

At present, I am working on two projects, which can be viewed from the drop-down menu under “research” above or linked to here (completed project listed below):

(1) Water, Land, and Energy in Alberta

(2) Water in India: from hydraulic society to automated water

Completed (see link for publications and other outputs):

• Water in the Anthropocene


  1. Hi Jeremy, thanks for a very inspiring blog and a lot of interesting articles to dig into. Especially I find your combination of ideas about the Earth system and ways to govern ourselves highly relevant.
    I will definitely stay updated with this site. /Ola


  1. […] addition to his research, Jeremy is a collaborator on the SSHRC Partnership Grant: Economics for the Anthropocene. He is the […]

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