Because who doesn’t want more theory on the “ontological turn”?

This is from the latest issue of HAU and has the text from quite a few topics covered at the Anthropology meetings last December from Latour, Descola, Sahlins, Fischer and others.


Colloquia: The ontological French turn, edited by John Kelly

Introduction: The ontological turn in French philosophical anthropology PDF
John D. Kelly 259-269
Modes of being and forms of predication PDF
Philippe Descola 271-280
On the ontological scheme of Beyond nature and culture PDF
Marshall Sahlins 281-290
Diagrams PDF
Mauro W. Barbosa de Almeida 291-294
The grid and the tree: Reply to Marshall Sahlins’ comment PDF
Philippe Descola 295-300
Another way to compose the common world PDF
Bruno Latour 301-307
From Latour to late industrialism PDF
Kim Fortun 309-329
The lightness of existence and the origami of “French” anthropology: Latour, Descola, Viveiros de Castro, Meillassoux, and their so-called ontological turn PDF
Michael M. J. Fischer 331-355
The ontological turn: Where are we? PDF
John D. Kelly

Kate Raworth: what’s missing in macroeconomics?

Every so often wordpress won’t embed certain types of files, so if Kate Raworth’s new video doesn’t appear below, you can view it on her site here.

There are a number of others from the same conference by Tim Jackson, George Monbiot and others that you can watch here.