Visualizing the Anthropocene – part of special issue in Public Culture

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Guest Editors’ Introduction

Environmental Visualization in the Anthropocene: Technologies, Aesthetics, Ethics
Allison Carruth and Robert P. Marzec


Visualizing the Anthropocene
Nicholas Mirzoeff
Militarized Ecologies: Visualizations of Environmental Struggle in the Brazilian Amazon
Robert P. Marzec
Satellite Planetarity and the Ends of the Earth
Elizabeth DeLoughrey
Plasmatic Nature: Environmentalism and Animated Film
Ursula K. Heise
The Aesthetics of Environmental Visualizations: More than Information Ecstasy?
Heather Houser
The Digital Cloud and the Micropolitics of Energy
Allison Carruth


Rob Nixon
Allison Carruth and Robert P. Marzec