Peter Sloterdijk on Being Unto Mass Death


Peter Sloterdijk and Andrei Ujica on The fall of the Romanovs:
For its Grand Talks the IFFR 2014 invited a selection of European thinkers to shed light on the state of the continent and European themes that occupy them. Stimulating, challenging and unpredictable, with the screening of a European classic movie. On Saturday February 1, 2014 it was the Russian 1927 film ‘The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty’ by Esfir Shub. In the aftermath, German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, writer of ‘In the World Interior of Capital: Towards a Philosophical Theory of Globalization’ and Romanian director Andrei Ujica maker of ‘Videograms of a revolution’ discussed the events depicted in the film as well as the film’s complex historical backgrounds.
The recording of the event on video is a production of Film-for-People.

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