Kathryn Yusoff on Project Anthropocene at Geocritique

This is interesting – although almost exactly the opposite of how I think about the Anthropocene.

Progressive Geographies

Kathryn Yusoff’s short essay “Project Anthropocene: a minoritarian manifesto for reoccupying the strata” is available at Geocritique.

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The ecological hoofprint: new book from Tony Weis

Get more details here on the latest book from Western University’s Tony Weis.

The Ecological Hoofprint

The Global Burden of Industrial Livestock9781780320960

Tony Weis

The exploding global consumption of meat is implicated in momentous but greatly underappreciated problems, and industrial livestock production is the driving force behind soaring demand.

Following his previous ground-breaking book The Global Food Economy, Tony Weis explains clearly why the growth and industrialization of livestock production is a central part of the accelerating biophysical contradictions of industrial capitalist agriculture.

The Ecological Hoofprint provides a rigorous and eye-opening way of understanding what this system means for the health of the planet, how it contributes to worsening human inequality, and how it constitutes a profound but invisible aspect of the violence of everyday life.