The right to water and sanitation toolkit

Thanks to Raul connecting me with these resources on the right to water and sanitation toolkit.

There is a lot of information to be found at the site linked to above: fact sheets, reports, laws, committee meetings and so on.

Here is the overview from the website:

Key aspects

The water supply for each person must be sufficient and continuous to cover personal and domestic uses, which comprise water for drinking, washing clothes, food preparation and personal and household hygiene.

Water for personal and domestic uses must be safe and acceptable. It must be free from elements that constitute a threat to a person’s health. Water must also be of an acceptable colour, odour and taste to ensure that individuals will not resort to polluted alternatives that may look more attractive.

Water and sanitation facilities must be physically accessible and within safe reach for all sections of the population, taking into account the needs of particular groups, including persons with disabilities, women, children and the elderly.

Water services must be affordable to all. No individual or group should be denied access to safe drinking water because they cannot afford to pay.