The Birth of Territory – preview on Google books

A much anticipated volume from Stuart Elden is now partially available online.

Progressive Geographies

12 The Birth of TerritorySubstantial parts of The Birth of Territory– including most of the introduction – are now available on Google books. The publication date has slipped to September.

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Between science and, well, everything else

Steven Pinker’s recent article on scientism in the New Republic is getting a lot of attention. It is not an easily summarized essay, but I will do so anyways. It is a suggestion that the sciences have a great deal to contribute to the humanities even if neither are reducible to the other.

A recent video by another New Republic writer/editor, Leon Wiseltier, suggests something of a response that is examined in more detail here. It confronts some of Pinker’s ideas on Big Data and the quantification of life (i.e. the measurement of ‘happiness’ by economists) and social relations more broadly.