Water videos and haphazard blogging

I’m trying to finish up the first part of the new book I am working on, so this blog is likely going to 9780226731131suffer a bit of neglect in the coming weeks. I will try to post here and there, but not with the weekday routine I’ve been trying to keep. The book is coming along – with an unexpected but welcome detour into geology. This is allowing me the excuse I needed to work through Rudwick’s large and wonderful book, Bursting the Limits of Time.

I noticed Michael Campana had a couple of videos up from a recent water conference at the University of Waterloo. I couldn’t attend, but will take the liberty of re-posting the videos here. One is from Tony Allan, who I met when I gave a talk at Kings College London last spring. We ended up riding the bus together after a potluck dinner, and I got to hear his story of how he came up with the term ‘virtual water.’

The other is from Asit K. Biswas, who I haven’t heard speak since the World Water Congress in Brazil a couple years back. His talk holds fast to a faith in management – and in so doing raises some interesting points of debate about how to approach water challenges.