My latest article w/David Groenfeldt now out in Ecology and Society

David Groenfeldt and I have published an article titled “Ethics and water governance” for a special feature in Ecology and Society. It is available open access here:


Ethics and values are important dimensions of water governance. We show how a “values approach” contributes to an understanding of global water governance, and how it complements other perspectives on governance, namely management, institutional capacity, and social-ecological systems. We connect these other approaches to their own value systems and the ethical attitudes they engender. We then offer a way to explicitly incorporate, and where necessary adjudicate, competing value systems through a values-based approach to governance. A case of the Santa Fe River in New Mexico, USA illustrates how value systems are reflected in water policies and how these values affect governance priorities, such as in environmental flows. The values-based approach clarifies tacit values and creates space to align local values with those needed for effective water governance at the global level.

New Free Access issue of Water Alternatives

Volume 6 Issue 1

Volume 6 | Issue 1

February 2013




Cooperation, domination and colonisation: The Israeli-Palestinian Joint Water Committee 
Jan Selby
Water Alternatives 6(1): 1-24                     Abstract | Full Text – PDF

The power to resist : Irrigation management transfer in Indonesia
Diana Suhardiman
Water Alternatives 6(1): 25-41                   Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Evaluating knowledge production in collaborative water governance 
Brent Taylor, Rob de Loë and Henning Bjornlund
Water Alternatives 6(1): 42-66                   Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Remaking waste as water: The governance of recycled effluent for potable water supply 
Katharine Meehan, Kerri Jean Ormerod and Sarah A. Moore
Water Alternatives 6(1): 67-85                   Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Hydro-hegemony in the upper Jordan waterscape: Control and use of the flows 
Mark Zeitoun, Karim Eid-Sabbagh, Michael Talhami and Muna Dajani
Water Alternatives 6(1): 86-106                 Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Maintaining a river’s healthy life? An inquiry on water ethics and water praxis in the upstream region of China’s Yellow River 
Lilin Kerschbaumer and Konrad Ott
Water Alternatives 6(1): 107-124               Abstract | Full Text – PDF

Smallholder irrigators, water rights and investments in agriculture: Three cases from rural Mozambique
Gert Jan Veldwisch, Wouter Beekman and Alex Bolding
Water Alternatives 6(1): 125-141               Abstract | Full Text – PDF


Book Reviews

Development through bricolage: Rethinking institutions for natural resources management (Cleaver, F. 2012). 
Douglas J. Merrey
Water Alternatives 6(1): 142-144               Full Text – PDF

Turkey’s water policy (Kibaroglu, A.; Scheumann, W.; Kramer, A. (Eds.), 2011). 
Ariel Dinar
Water Alternatives 6(1): 145-147               Full Text – PDF


Webinar from POLIS Water Project now online

The video and information below can also be found here from the webinar on Global Networks and Governance Innovation: Tools for Resilient Watersheds.

“In this webinar, the guest speakers discuss challenges and opportunities for building resilience within watersheds. It focuses on the importance of global networks for driving new innovation processes and improving resilience in our watersheds. It explores the challenges and benefits that transnational relationships bring for watershed-based organizations, and the role of social “traps” during disasters and how they can affect the capacity to build resilience across sectors within a watershed.


Michele-Lee Moore
Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria
Director, Water, Innovation, and Global Governance Lab (WIGG)
Research Associate & Strategic Faculty Advisor, POLIS Water Sustainability Project

Frances Westley
Waterloo Institute of Social Innovation and Resilience
JW McConnell Chair in Social Innovation, University of Waterloo”