Degrowth Montreal: interviews with keynotes/participants

Last May there was a degrowth conference in Montreal. I was only able to attend part of the conference, which had some very innovative presentations on how to rethink and reground economics in terms compatible with our growing understanding of complex systems. These took a variety of approaches from physics, biology, religion, ethics and so forth. A set of interviews with participants has recently been made available here. And I have embedded the interviews below. After trying unsuccessfully to embed the file they are best listened to on the site, or go straight to them through this link. They are all in one large file, so there is an index below if you wish to skip ahead or otherwise listen selectively.

Peter Brown on degrowth – 6m
Michael M’Gonigle on education – 17m
Josh Farley on money and alternatives to GDP  – 26m
David Suzuki on localism – 43m
Bill Rees on denial – 53m
Mary Evelyn Tucker on a new narrative – 1h06m
Janice Harvey on culture change  – 1h12m
Charlie Hall on energy return – 1h27m
Gail Tverberg on peak oil  – 1h43m
Juliet Schor on working less  – 1h5om
Joan Martinez-Alier on ecological economics – 2h6m
Erik Assadourian on degrowth – 2h15m
Gregor Macdonald on the IEA, claims about US oil production and Jeremy Grantham – 2h38m