Andrew Nikiforuk’s special series on shale gas

Andrew Nikiforuk is an excellent environmental journalist who focuses a great deal of his work on Canadian energy. He recently wrote a series of essays on Shale Gas extraction (i.e. hydraulic fracturing or ‘fracking’) for The Tyee. I’ve posted links with short descriptions here for each of the 4 part investigation. It would be great to hear reactions.

1. Shale Gas: Myth and Realities

Nikiforuk tackles top claims fracking industry uses to reassure public. First in a series.

2. Shale Gas: How Hard on the Landscape?

Industry’s claim that clustered wells preserve forests and farms is a myth.

3. Shale Gas: How Often Do Fracked Wells Leak?

When industry says hardly ever, that’s a myth. It’s a documented, chronic problem.

4. Shale Gas: How Clean Is It?

Fracked fuel far more dirty than industry, governments claim.