Video: ‘nature’ in water security

This video is interesting both because it talks about ‘nature’ in the language of water security and because it argues for how we should appropriate ‘nature’ (or, more accurately, a particular and thin idea about what nature is) in a discourse that brings water into a broader political economy. It does try to distill out an intrinsic from an instrumental value for water–but this instills some problematic ideas about nature even further since what counts as ‘nature’ defines the possibility space for water governance (such as the very idea that we can/should/ought to manage water).



Tim Morton Keynote: Underground Ecocriticism

Tim Morton’s keynote for Western University’s Underground Ecocriticism conference can be listened to on his blog here. The talk is around 40 minutes with another hour of Q&A. It is all worth listening to if you are interested in the predicament that ensues when human history intersects with geologic time.