Holmes Rolston III on Aldo Leopold’s “Thinking Like a Mountain” Story

In “A Sand County Almanac” Aldo Leopold recounts his experience of shooting a wolf in his famous essay, “Thinking like a Mountain.” But was it an actual event or was it a picture of his change in thinking? Since that essay was one of the first ones I ever read in my first environmental ethics class, I was interested when the International Society for Environmental Ethics linked to Holmes Rolston III’s short writing on the topic and mentioned a letter found in 2009 which is thought to confirm it. You can find Holmes Rolston III’s reflections here (pdf).

Keepers of the Water Press Releases

I somehow missed posting these pdfs in my earlier posts about the Keepers of the Water VI last month in Ft. Nelson B.C. (here, here and here).

Here is the One Land One People press release from the Keepers of the Water VI.

Here is the Indigenous Declaration for Protecting Mother Earth and Water.

Here is the Ft. Nelson First Nation press release.