Video: Tim Morton on entering the Anthropocene

Timothy Morton, professor of english at UC Davis, and who blogs at Ecology Without Nature, gave this talk recently on entering the Anthropocene. The audio sometimes fades a bit, but it is a good recording. There is a half visible slide in the background advertising the new journal Environmental Humanities I linked to here.

Live symposium webcast October 12: Cloudy with a chance of solutions

From the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Studyat Harvard:

“The Radcliffe Institute’s annual science symposium will focus on the important and challenging topic of water. Water is a theme that encompasses issues as varied as environmental contamination, public health, agricultural shortages, and geopolitical disputes. “Cloudy with a Chance of Solutions: The Future of Water” will focus on the ecological and human health hazards of environmental contaminants, the threats to drinking water of fracking, the promise of new technologies for water treatment, the need for national water policy, and the role of urban and other areas in conservation. The majority of the talks will focus on the “hard science” of water-related issues; others will offer the perspectives of experts from the policy, business, or urban-planning worlds to put the scientific discussions in a broader context and to link them thematically.

The event is free and open to the public. Registration is required by October 5. Register now.

The symposium will be webcast live on this page, in its entirety, on October 12. Registration is not required to view the webcast. Videos of the symposium will be available the following week on this site and on Harvard’s YouTube channel.”
More information, including a line up of speakers and times is available here.