New open access journal: Environmental Humanities

A new journal, Environmental Humanities, has been launched. Here is the blurb on the sort of high quality, interdisciplinary work they seek to publish:

“Environmental Humanities is an international, open-access journal that aims to invigorate current interdisciplinary research on the environment. In response to a growing interest around the world in the many questions that arise in this era of rapid environmental and social change, the journal will publish outstanding scholarship that draws humanities disciplines into conversation with each other, and with the natural and social sciences.”

Center for Humans and Nature – Relaunched!

The Center for Humans and Nature has revamped and relaunched their website. The new format looks very engaging, as does the work they have been doing for some time now. The Center also published its journal: Minding Nature. The journal is open access and explores issues of conservation, values, ecological democracy, economics, the place of people on the planet and so on.

There is a place to submit questions for the Center’s fellows and associates and it is great to see this platform for discussion.

Abby Brown is blogging again at Water for the Ages, a great site on water, sanitation, and inspiration!

Water for the Ages

Start: In September 2007, I decided to create a blog to better understand global water problems with the hope of finding solutions. I built the Water for the Ages blog as a place to compile water-related information and write posts about global water issues. This blog also surprisingly became a place to communicate with other passionate H20 people from around the world.

Reach: Soon after starting it, I enrolled in a graduate program in Water Resources Management to learn more about global issues. I lived and blogged in India for several months while conducting research, and I completed a thesis on empowerment in water and sanitation. India changed me. After coming home, I wondered how one young, white girl from North America could ever make a tangible difference. I didn’t want to be another person with an imperialistic agenda.

Above Photo: Hidden Me Blogging in 2009

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